About the Local Search Video…

24thJun. × ’08

To do this video, we purposely used a digital camera to capture screen shots. We normally use a program called Captivate to produce Flash video of screen shots, but that is an extra expense (and a learning curve) for most agents. We did the recording via camera to show how easy it is to produce a video this way, and so you could get a feel for the quality of screen shots captured using camera video.

Captivate, and other screen capture programs, let you annotate screens with text captions and certain highlights. For this video we used the annotation features in YouTube. There are limited annotation options, but we think you will agree that the limitations are not significant for the most common purposes.

We used Google Docs, in a separate tab, for the introduction. Alternatively, we could have used Powerpoint…

As an insurance agent, you could used simple screen shots to break down a policy coverage for customers, or highlight services available through your website.


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