Sneezing Insurance

28thJul. × ’08

Comic-Con, the convention for all things comic books, is a highly sought after event. Cities are now falling over each other in an attempt to attract the 2010 convention. Yet, Comic-Con goers are light spenders. If the local economy isn’t getting a boost via premium hotel bookings and restaurant expenditures, then why the competition to host Comic-Con, and what could that possibly have to do with your insurance agency?

Comic-Con attendees are prodigious bloggers and users of social and web 2.0 media and communication tools. In the parlance of viral marketing, they are ‘sneezers’ – people who spread the word. Viral marketing is predicated on the exponential communication effect of one person sharing a message with five friends, and then those friends in turn sharing with five more friends each. Pretty soon thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of people have received the same message within a short period of time. Sneezers are critical to a message going viral. Does your agency have any sneezers in your customer base? How could you attract more sneezers, and how can you make it easy for them to share your message with others?

Here are a couple of thoughts…

Insurance newsletter articles can be a little on the dry side. Why not lighten those up by including related, but humorous videos, courtesy of YouTube. The articles might not get ‘sneezed’ around, but the videos might.  Here’s two:

Road Rage

Driving with Distractions

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