Video on Your Insurance Agency Website, Part II

16thJul. × ’08

YouTube Videos – Using Third Party Videos

Videos produced and published by others can be a great source or video content for your insurance agency websites. But before you start embedding code, here are some considerations…

1. Copyright Infringements – Be careful what you use, policing is somewhat loose, and video uploaded by others may be infringing on copyrights. The TV news networks generally take a dim view of others uploading news segments or snippets of television shows. Check to see who posted the video. If it is obviously the owner of the content (e.g., a TV station news broadcast posted to the TV station YouTube site – aka Channel) then take care before using it. When in doubt, check directly with the source of the video to make sure the YouTube placement is OK.

2. Don’t create a pathway to your competitors. Other insurance providers post video, so before you flag a video as a favorite for display on your Channel, make sure it does not direct viewers to a competitor.

3. Many videos display a link back to another website, just be sure that the website meets your (and your site visitors’) standards of decorum.

4. Don’t push your luck with attention span. It’s best to assume your viewers have limited patience. Try to keep video times under 5 minutes, and make sure the video will engage a viewer within the first 10 to 30 seconds.

Coming in Part III…how to use your website videos

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