Flesh and Blood and Circuits Revisited

2ndOct. × ’08

I saw a press release yesterday about Allstate providing mental/visual acuity exercises via software from www.positscience.com. It is geared toward helping older drivers process more visual info – something that deteriorates with age…Interesting, proactive, and forward thinking. In the grand scheme of my script/consultation program, this is a product an agent might suggest, and a conversation to be had when a customer reaches 50 or 60. That’s an age when your driving skills haven’t deteriorated much, but you are completely sober about the reality and inevitability of the decline. Waiting until a customer hits 70 is too late; by then they are in denial. Or maybe you have the conversation with customers who are in their 30s about their parents.

(Note: at the time of the press release, I could not find anything on the allstate website about the service. oops!)

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