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Search Optimizing Your Insurance Agency Website

Mar. × ’09

Tweet The atmospheric noise about website search engine optimization and search ranking has increased significantly in the last year or so.  Insurance agencies are just as caught up in the chatter as other businesses.  Search optimization (SEO) and rank are complex topics, with signficant business implicaitons, so much so that our company, Confluency Solutions, has […]

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Leapfish – Advertising or Investment?

Mar. × ’09

Tweet One of the nice folks at Kirby Insurance in Baltimore was recently approached by a company called Leapfish and was offered ownership of a keyword relevant to the insurance agency business. Who is Leapfish and what do they do? Leapfish is a new entrant into what is known as meta search – basically aggregated […]

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iPods, Soccer, and Insurance Web Marketing

Mar. × ’09

Tweet I have sat through a couple of webinars, and read several articles about web marketing in the last few weeks. And I’m afraid every one of them missed the point. When I hear somebody talk about a tool or medium as a thing unto itself (as in web marketing), I suspect they are too […]

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