What’ an Insurance Agent to Blog?

21stMay. × ’09

Boy are we hearing all about it:  Gotta have a blog!  Gotta get your insurance agency on Facebook!  Start Tweeting!  But what do you blog?  What goes on Facebook, and don’t even get me started on Twitter…I’m going to make some suggestions here, and then provide a concrete example of what an insurance agent could put on Facebook, a blog, or even Tweet about.

1.  If it fits on your agency website, then put it there, not on a blog or Facebook. Insurance agency websites are about hardcore insurance information, and service and sales access.  Don’t put company claim information on your agency Facebook page unless you just can’t get your webmaster to add that info to your agency website.  If you simply must talk about claims or other service information on your social networking site, keep the details to a minimum and link back to your agency website for more.

2.  If it doesn’t fit on your agency website , then put it on your blog, etc. Human interest stories, humorous or interesting (?) insurance factoids and anecdotes, employee features and the like might fit the theme of your agency website, but maybe not.  If you have any doubt, put this kind of content on your Facebook page first; you can always move it to the agency website later.  Remember, your blog gives you an opportunity to lure readers because you can be a little more colorful, interesting and less topic-constrained than you would be on your insurance agency website.

3.  Use Facebook and Twitter to update followers about changes to your agency, agency website, or just enlighten fans with the most interesting situation you dealt with this week (names changed to protect the innocent).  Make connections between your agency business resources and your social networking sites.

4.  Start small.  Somebody has to keep up your blog, Facebook page, or Tweet. If posts are few and far between, you will lose followers.  Instead of jumping right into a blog, add a page to your website for freestyle content.  If the page grows, make it a website section, if it grows some more, then make it a blog or move the content to Facebook and continue updates there.

The example, suitable for an insurance agency blog or Facebook page and suitable for Tweeting:

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