Back to the Future with Email

23rdAug. × ’09

I can’t quite leave the theme raised in the last post:  is it technology or is it communication?  I also can’t quite move on from using the lazy approach to posting:  video.  Watch as I opine:  I don’t see the reticence many insurance agents have toward using email as being a new phenomenon; and watch as I wax nostalgic on managers from my distant past not setting a good example using tools they encourage others to use.  Insurance agents are under utilizing email, a tool that is certainly in decline as social networking gets bigger.  It’s time to maximize email benefits before it’s too late.

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    Lazy approach to posting and perhaps a loose definition of business casual, but I liked the video thing. You look good Kevin, just think how weary you’d look if you stayed an underwriter! (Yeah, kinda like me) Anyway, back to the point… I do use email as a daily means of communication, more so than voice, but I feel like I may be missing opportunities with more mass methods of communication like a blog or newsletter. Perhaps we should connect and discuss (simple?) ideas of capturing and retaining client email addresses and/or setting up some sort of blog on our site.

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    @Frank Irwin
    I plead guilty to the lazy charge and going overboard with the casual part of business casual. But I did the video on a Saturday night, so I cut myself some slack. Please don’t tell my boss.