Insurance Agency Technology: Under Utilized or Not Matched to Business Objectives?

22ndFeb. × ’10

For years now, I have had insurance agent after insurance agent admit – sheepishly – that they were not ‘fully utilizing’ their agency management system.  Don’t feel bad – you have company.  Back in November of 2009 noted in their Gadget Lab blog that the iPhone App Store Apps hit six digits.  More recently, the NY Times suggested that the average iPhone owner actually uses only 5 – 10 apps with any regularity.  Out of over 100,000.  Yet no one accuses iPhone users of ‘under utilizing’ their devices because the assumption is that each individual iPhone user gravitates to the apps that are most useful for that individual.

Independent insurance agencies have a wide range of feature options, not only with their agency management systems, but with other technology tools like email, websites, and mobile devices.  So, if there is a shortcoming that insurance agents are guilty of, it probably isn’t under utilizing the technology available to them, but rather, the shortcoming may be not choosing the right five or ten tech features that help achieve agency growth and profit objectives.

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