Can People Enjoy Insurance on Facebook?

12thMar. × ’10

A recent survey from Forrester Research suggests independent insurance agents need to have a little more fun.  Consider:  ‘When it comes to “enjoyable,” consumers rated independent agents “poor,” but gave them “good” ratings for “meets needs” and “easy to work with.”’  Well, two out of three ain’t bad, but what if your agency could cancel out that insurance dread and score 3 out of 3?  This low ‘fun’ score is precisely why insurance agents find it so challenging to come up with social media content – social media is all about fun, and…well, socializing.

Who was #1 on the enjoyable list?  USAA.  USAA is a unique animal, to be sure, but there is something to be learned from their Facebook page.  I just scanned their currently displayed wall, top to bottom.  Nowhere did I see a we-can-save-you-money sales pitch or read a dreadful claims scenario wherein someone found out they didn’t have the right insurance.  USAA understands that Facebook isn’t a medium for the hard sell…it’s for fun.

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