Watch My Cool Insurance Video…Like it or Not

10thJun. × ’10

I have noticed a proliferation of insurance agency websites including video over the last 10 or 12 months, and while web video is generally a good thing, we shouldn’t be astonished when web video produces some undesirable results.  In doing some light research on page load speeds for the Confluency Solutions newsletter, we came across some insurance agency websites that took a truly astonishing 10, 15, or 20 seconds to fully load all the video and animation on the web page (remember, website visitors usually decide whether to stick around or leave after a 3 or 4 second page scan).

I actually came across a site that forced the site visitor to watch a new video on nearly every page.  Even though I wanted to leave screaming for exit after the second page, my fascination (and perhaps masochism) made me stick around and count the number of pages that included forced video.  Forced video is usually a bad idea – don’t take my word for it, check pretty much any forum of web marketers or developers who work with web video for their opinions (you’ll need a LinkedIn profile, but there is a good example of such a forum in the LinkedIn Answers service).

My advice, include video where you have some concrete evidence that it will increase conversions and improve business results – avoid using video for the sole purpose of amazing visitors (or yourself).  And be very judicious in choosing to force a visitor to watch your video – the potential irritation factor needs to be weighed against the business benefit.

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