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Insurance Agents – You Can’t Promote ‘Sales’ But You Can Coupon

Aug. × ’10

Tweet Coupon ideas for insurance agency Google Place pages or Twitter Tweets… So what if you can’t offer special sales on insurance policies? We all envy the pizza parlors and retailers who can offer limited time discounts and sales. Adding a coupon to a Google Place listing or announcing a special offer via a Twitter […]

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Insurance Agencies on Facebook…What to Post?

Aug. × ’10

Tweet Businesses that have products or services to which consumers have a strong emotional attachment.  For instance, a friend of mine runs a business that markets reggae and Rastafarian themed clothing, posters, and other products.  All they have to do is post a song lyric or two to their Facebook page each day and poof! […]

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What Does CMS have to do with SEO?

Aug. × ’10

Tweet I see an increasing number of companies specializing in websites for insurance agents that claim to provide search engine optimization (SEO) with their service.  But almost none of them are really are.  More website providers, maybe most at this point, include what is called a content management system (CMS).  CMS allow regular business users, […]

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Is Net Neutrality Being Negotiated Away?

Aug. × ’10

Tweet The F.C.C., stymied in its efforts to ensure a level playing field for web content providers, has been holding side meetings with large internet players to find a way to regulate some form of net neutrality.  While the F.C.C. quest to see that no web content is favored over any other content continues, the […]

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