Insurance Agents – You Can’t Promote ‘Sales’ But You Can Coupon

27thAug. × ’10

Coupon ideas for insurance agency Google Place pages or Twitter Tweets…

So what if you can’t offer special sales on insurance policies?

We all envy the pizza parlors and retailers who can offer limited time discounts and sales. Adding a coupon to a Google Place listing or announcing a special offer via a Twitter Tweet is easy for them. Not so much for insurance agents. How can you offer a sale or limited time discount on a car insurance policy? You can’t, but the good news is you can use tweets and coupons…you just need to step outside the box a little.

From Google Place page for Mission Mountain Winery

Here are just a couple of coupon (or tweet) ideas you can use to get customers and prospects to drop into your office. Remember, you can use internet communications to finesse off line behaviors and vice versa.

1. Offer give aways to the next 50 people who stop by your office to say hi. To go cheap – use insurance company provided merchandise.
2. Offer to make a $10 donation to one of 5 or 6 charities in the name of visitors.

Be sure to limit the promotion to a set time period, let people know that they need to present – or at least mention – the coupon to get the goodies, get visitors to ‘check in’ using Facebook Places when they are in your office (put up a poster), set up some light refreshments for visitors (coffee, tea, cookies) and set up a workstation so they can get quotes while they visit – but no pressure, encourage customers to get the coupons and share with friends.

Any thoughts or additional ideas?

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