Insurance Agencies on Facebook…What to Post?

22ndAug. × ’10

Businesses that have products or services to which consumers have a strong emotional attachment.  For instance, a friend of mine runs a business that markets reggae and Rastafarian themed clothing, posters, and other products.  All they have to do is post a song lyric or two to their Facebook page each day and poof! – over 1,000 ‘fans’ and multiple comments each day for each post.

Insurance is harder.  There are two times when the emotional attachment to insurance is strong: 1)  When someone’s premium increases or coverage gets canceled, or: 2) After receiving fast and complete indemnification after a claim*.  Those attachments are at opposite ends of the spectrum – so what’s in the middle?  What is the fodder for those daily Facebook posts  – the song lyrics of insurance, if you like?

I was going to use this blog post to offer up some suggestions, but PC World beat me to it.  Here’s an excerpt from their July article, Secrets to Using Facebook to Market Your Business:

Customers want to be informed and engaged, not pitched and harassed. It’s OK to tie in your products and services where they’re relevant, but don’t simply use the Facebook page as a platform for marketing soundbites.

You can post news or stories related to your business and provide unique commentary or insight. You can also use the Facebook page to provide tips, tricks, or information content. Rather than just talking at the audience, though, try to incite comments and feedback from the members to foster a sense of community with the customers.

*OK, so there are lots of other negative emotional attachments to insurance:  I don’t understand my policy paperwork, or bill; I can’t get anyone to respond to my questions, etc.  In the Yin-Yang philosophy of life and business, each of the negative emotional attachments can also be turned to positive experiences.


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