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No Free Lunch or SEO

Sep. × ’10

Tweet It seems like I’m on some kind of SEO Truth-Quest lately…last month I posted an article pointing out that CMS (content management system) is not equivalent to SEO.  I was driven to do that by claims I was hearing in the competitive space for insurance web marketing  that essentially amounted to this:  We give […]

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I Hate Congress but I Love My Insurance Agent

Sep. × ’10

Insurance agents aren’t necessarily in for the same throw the bastards out treatment as politicians, but…

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Will Google Instant Change the Complexion of Search?

Sep. × ’10

Google Instant could change the complexion of search making long tail search more prominent and increasing the need for even more specific web content.

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Could You Please Put a Number on Your Insurance Agency Value Proposition?

Sep. × ’10

Tweet I have noted with interest how consistently consumer-marketing savvy insurance companies use numbers to substantiate their sales propositions.  Independent insurance agents will sometimes do so as well, sometimes citing combined years of insurance experience, for example.  It turns out that those numeric citations are all important to maximizing on-page web conversions. No One Pays […]

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