I Hate Congress but I Love My Insurance Agent

17thSep. × ’10

I was reminded of something I have heard in the past:  it’s a lot easier to love your insurance agent than your insurance company.  If I remember who jogged my memory, I’ll weigh in with a comment to attribute credit where it’s due.  In any event, that statement made me stop and think about the recent primary climate wherein many incumbents didn’t even make it through their party primary.  So much for the old axiom about people hating congress but loving (and reelecting) their congressperson.

I don’t necessarily think that incumbent agents are in for the same throw the bastards out treatment, but we would all do well to stop and remember that insurance and insurance companies are not popular with the masses – and that includes your customers (and your competitor’s customers, ahem!).  So what do you do?  Let people see the personal side of you and your staff, that’s what.  Quit acting like an insurance salesperson once in awhile and let people know what interests you as a person, what you care about, and what you are involved in.  And let your friends know you are interested in their interests.

That’s at the core of social media – you know – the whole social (i.e., *not* business) thing.  It’s been said before in other forums and more eloquently but insurance agents have to learn how to socialize. Share pictures of staff in action at charity events…in fact, use social media to *raise* money for charities.  Does your insurance agency insure plumbers, accountants, retailers, and realtors?  I bet it does.  Let others in your social circles know about these service providers; everyone will thank you.

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