Insurance Agents: Here’s Your Future

15thOct. × ’10

God reached his hand down from the sky
God asked Noah if he wanted to die
He said no sir, oh no sir
God said, here’s your future: it’s gonna rain

—Here’s Your Future – The Thermals

Just a few years ago, the very future of internet music phenom Pandora hung in the balance as the RIAA tried to impose it’s legacy cost structure on this legitimate music delivery service, and by extension, every other streaming service. Today, Pandora thrives and legacy music delivery systems, like CD’s and radio are losing listeners.

According to a recent study from Edison Research, listening to the radio longer predominates as a morning activity for 12 – 24 year olds, dropping from 74% ten years ago to 41% today.  In the same time frame, 12 -24 year olds have chosen to purchase 62% fewer CDs.  This age group spends an average of 3 hours a day on the internet, and when it comes to acquiring tunes for their music libraries, they cite illegal downloads or transfers as the 2nd and 3rd most popular means of augmenting music collections.  Between the lines:  we don’t care how you manufacturers and distributors want to supply music, we want it the way we want it, ‘legal’ or not.

To fall back on another popular music reference, the video documentary chronicling former Clash front man Joe Strummer’s Clash history is titled The Future is Unwritten.  That’s not exactly right.  The stats mentioned here lead to some very obvious conclusions.  Here’s your future.

Insurance agents don’t need to drag their collective feet on the way to a prosperous future.  61% of all Americans use Facebook, more than half do so at least twice a day.  And that 12 – 24 age group – your future insurance consumers – they don’t read the papers (only 4% read a paper almost everyday).  You know where your future is, and if you want to do business in the future, you know where your agency needs to be.

Clock radio photo under Creative Commons license
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