Insurance Agency Website and Social Media ROI

17thMar. × ’11

Insurance agents, and businesses in general, sometimes have a hard time getting their heads around ROI (return on investment).  Confluency Solutions measures what I would call direct website ROI:  calls, and online requests for insurance quotes; conversions to policies and average commission.  And the ROI numbers are good.  Annual reviews identify areas where insurance agency website ROI can be increased.  These generally fall into three categories:

1.  More website traffic;

2. Higher levels of traffic conversions (% asking for quotes and better quality prospects);

3. Support for other agency marketing and customer development initiatives. The reason many of us have a hard time getting our heads around ROI is that most of these measures (like website traffic, e.g.) don’t have a place in ROI calculations.

Social media, like Facebook and Twitter, are even murkier.  Where do increased numbers of Facebook fans or Twitter followers enter the P and L statement?  The short answer is that they don’t.  However, social media and website activity does contribute to ROI – the measures mentioned in the preceding sentences would fall into the category of ‘transactional precursors’ or what we sometimes call leading edge indicators.  Put another way, if your website visits increase, at some point you should expect a net increase in quote requests, insurance policies written and new sales commission.  Ditto for Facebook fans and so on.

If you are interested in quantifying your insurance agency website and social media activities in a hard-nosed, bottom line way, then take a look at the excellent slide set on the topic from Oliver Blanchard.  Not only does it contain good information, but it’s pretty darn entertaining as well:

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