Top Three SEO Practices for 2011

14thApr. × ’11

I don’t like to use this blog space as a commercial for Confluency Solutions, but I couldn’t help it this time.  In a  recent video blog post Google’s Matt Cutts answers the question:  what are the three things you would do to optimize SEO for 2011.

Number 1: Optimize for speed; it is a page rank factor, but more importantly, all evidence shows that, when web pages load quickly, site visitors do more on your site, resulting in better ROI.  Confluency has done a lot of work over the last 12 months, making our sites faster and faster.  Right now, nearly all of the websites Confluency has engineered rank in the top 1% of the fastest websites in the world.

Number 2: Make sure everyone in your organization understands good content management practices and make sure you are using good internal linking strategies within your website. Confluency recently added an automatic linking feature within our website CMS to further improve internal linking and we just kicked off a new process to make it more simple than ever for agents to understand and engage in sound content management practices, all at the cost of 20 minutes a week.

Number 3: Engage in social media marketing.  Social media activity can result in direct traffic to your insurance agency website and will also mean occasional back links to your website, which is good for SEO.  Confluency has long provided guidance to the agents we work with on using social media as a business branding and marketing tool and we are now rolling out a service to provide social media marketing directly for those agencies who want those marketing initiatives handled for them.

Three for three.  Not bad for a day’s work


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