Building and Controlling Your Insurance Agency’s ‘Web Equity’

28thApr. × ’11
Putting the Role of Your Agency Information, Website, Blog, and Local Search in Perspective

A picture is worth a thousand words, as the old saying goes.  In my case, a picture is worth about 10 webinars, 2 guides, 8 blog posts, 3 newsletter articles and more emails and conversations than I could possibly recount.  For years, I have tried to impress the importance of consistency in your basic agency information across the vast internet – and it is possible, in fact very manageable, to control the appearance of your insurance agency name, address and phone number in web directories and local search engines.  Through numerous blog posts, guides and  webinars I have tried to put the relationship and synergy between local and organic search results, your insurance agency website and blog, and now social media, into a comprehensible context.

And now, courtesy of Mike Blumental’s blog on Google Maps and local search, comes this infographic.  Kaboom!  All the many years of trying to communicate how all these work is captured in one tidy graphic.  It does a nice job laying out how the various manifestations of your insurance agency’s web presence fit together and it does a nice job integrating the concepts of search and social.

Illustration of Insurance Agency Web Equity Ecosystem

You can skip on over to full post on Blumental’s blog for a full explanation of the diagram, and I recommend it, but here are a few essential points captured so cleverly in this one image:

  • The rings closest to the center of the ‘web equity wheel’ are most within your control – so control them
  • Make sure your business name, phone number and website domain name don’t change  – that’s at the very center
  • In the second ring, keep track of user names and passwords that access your directory listings and accounts where your business information appears.  I cannot tell you how many insurance agents had a (former) employee set up their Google Places account, later to find they cannot access their information to correct or update it.
  • Insurance agency owners and managers should have complete control of your website and blog, so no excuses for not getting your basic business information right here, and no excuse for not promoting the kind of information about your products and services, the way you want.
  • N.A.P., as it appears in the third and fourth rings out, refers to your agency name address and phone number, which also appears in the very center of the diagram.  This information shows up again to highlight the importance of controlling this information at the headwaters – those data providers that populate (hundreds and hundreds of) directories and local search listings downstream.  Again I say, to those insurance agents who represent Progressive, take advantage of their List Agent program and will make quality controlling your N.A.P. information a *lot* easier

I’m going to stop there since there is already a thorough explanation of the diagram at Mike Blumenthal’s blog.  But you get the picture (heh, heh, no pun intended).  A few questions I’d like to leave you with:  1.  What kind of progress have you made building your agency’s web equity?  Are you stuck in the middle?  2.  If you are working on your social media presence in rings four and five (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.), have you skipped over some of the details in the inner rings?

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