Social Media Marketing: Strategy First, Platform Second

17thApr. × ’11

There are more than a few Facebook time lines that can be found on the web…some, highlight all the often controversial changes to Facebook’s privacy policy, others highlight the meteoric growth in popularity of the social media phenom, and several include changes to Facebook features.

More recently, in February, Facebook made major changes to page layouts including doing away with tabs, announced the wind down of FBML,  but added the ability for business pages to feature ‘likes’ and included a new ‘photostrip’ at the top of Facebook pages.

In the second half of 2010, Facebook added a Places feature, with the ability for Facebook users to check-in to a location with a mobile phone but did away with Facebook Connect.  In all, Facebook has averaged 5 – 10 significant changes per year, all of which require some thought on the part of page administrators and many of which change the way in which insurance agencies use Facebook.

Facebook Timeline

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To some, the constant change and Facebook flip-flops are disconcerting.  But not to those who developed a social media marketing strategy before jumping into Facebook…or any other social media channel.  If you haven’t already created a social media strategy for your insurance agency, here are some considerations to help you along that path and minimize the angst of the constant Facebook changes:

1.  Who do you want to reach through social media?

  • customers
  • potential business customers
  • potential personal insurance customers
  • age groups, sex, other demographic criteria

2.  What social media do your targets use?

3.  How will your use of social media integrate with your insurance agency website and other marketing and communication initiatives?

4.  Who will be responsible for updating your social media channels and how much time and expertise do they have?

5.  What objectives will you set for social media marketing success and how will you measure those objectives?



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