Low Tech Website Traffic for Your Insurance Agency

27thFeb. × ’12

Or:  GEICO is Everywhere

I spent a day at the Daytona race track this last weekend, and couldn’t help but take note of the presence (or lack thereof) of insurance companies.  GEICO was omnipresent, on land and in the sky; in the infield and outside the race track grounds, as you might expect.  Farmers Insurance made a modest appearance, and one of course, Nationwide Insurance sponsors one of the NASCAR racing series.

GEICO banner at the Daytona International Raceway Infield

I would love to get a look at GEICO or Nationwide’s website analytics, but even without seeing them, I know they get a spike in website visits and leads every time they do a big event like the Daytona 500.  I know that because independent insurance agents see the same kind of results, though on a smaller scale, whenever they advertise or send flights of direct mail.  Many of the more active insurance agency websites hosted by Confluency Solutions are owned by local agents who are constantly getting their name out there around town, on billboards, at realtor meetings and at community events.

There are a lot of internet based options for creating brand awareness and all agencies should pay attention to those as well.  But driving traffic to your insurance agency website isn’t solely about SEO, social media or PPC.   The old school stuff still works.  Just ask GEICO.

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