6 Digital Marketing Boosters for Your Insurance Agency

8thOct. × ’13

When insurance agents think about digital marketing, and most of the rest of us for that matter, terms like SEO, PPC and drip email spring to mind immediately.  All of those tactics are important weapons in any insurance agent’s marketing arsenal, but there are many other tools that allow us to get more even more client touches and do it in a way that personalizes those contacts.  As a bonus, many of these services help insurance agents gain efficiencies and save time.  These tools are often overlooked, so I thought it would be a good time to run down some of my favorites, many of which we use day-to-day at Confluency Solutions.IMG_7487

Get it on the calendar

Setting up meetings and synchronizing calendars can be a time-consuming game of voice mail tag.  Then, just as you finally get an email response from a prospect about a suitable meeting day and time, you find that the delayed response has resulted in your calendar filling up with other, conflicting appointments.  And so begins another round of voice mail and email tag, as you try to rearrange your schedule to accommodate everyone and still find a minute in between for a snack, a cup of coffee and a bio break.  Fortunately there are cloud services available that allow you to share available time on your calendar with others who can set appointments and update your calendar in real-time.  Most commonly used calendars such as Outlook and Google Calendar support.  One caveat:  keep your calendar updated.  If you forget to update your own appointments and obligations, those time slots will appear as open on your calendar.

Favorite:  Time Trade

Robots for email

Bulk email services, also called Email Service Providers or ESPs, have been around for a long time; there are several good services and a lot of competition in this area.  Recently, a few providers have begun adding CRM-like features that allow you to better segment lists and set up simple mailing rules.  But regardless of which service you use, you can easily set up scheduled emails to large lists of clients and prospects as well as auto-responders that ‘drip’ a sequence of emails on a client or prospect.  One caveat:  be sure to follow the CAN-SPAM opt-in rules.  Fortunately, all the services have a process that makes it difficult to run afoul of anti-spam laws.

Favorites:  Constant Contact, Mail Chimp

Sit across the desk…digitally

Time constraints and traffic  bottlenecks mean that more and more business is conducted by phone and email.  It can be difficult to walk a client through complex coverage options without charts, tables and other illustrations.  Most of us have attended large group webinars at one time or another, but the most common use for web conferencing is one-on-one meetings that are launched on the spot.  Once launched, using one of these services is as easy as flipping a piece of paper across your desk for review by a client and meetings become much more impactful when you can show, as well as say.

Favorites:  GoToMeeting, Join.me

Make your email memorable with video

Nothing makes a personal connection like meeting someone face-to-face.  Unfortunately that isn’t always possible or practical.  The next best thing is video.  Several services make sending a video email nearly as quick and easy as sending a plain old, boring text email.  Launch your web cam for an impromptu message or use a previously recorded video to thank a new client for placing their business with your agency, wish a happy birthday or…well, use your imagination and video email and make a lasting impression.

Favorite:  Eyejot

Save time and postage with e-signatures

Many insurance companies have approved the use of e-signature services for documenting insurance applications.  Gone is the messy process of printing, scanning and emailing.  All open and signed documents are stored in an archive for easy search and can be quickly exported to PDF for storage in agency management systems.

Favorites:  Echosign, Docusign

Insurance advice, accident help, home inventory and service…is there an app for that?

A huge and growing base of people have shifted their daily digital interactions from the desk top computer to smart phones, and often apps are the preferred method for using the internet.  Many insurance companies have quality apps available, but those apps brand the agent first, and open a new communication channel between the company and the end-customer, leaving agents somewhat on the sideline.  What independent agents need is an app that brands their agency and reinforces the agency-customer relationship first and foremost.

Favorite:  Insurance Agent Mobile App from Blue I Mobile




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