Your Insurance Agency Website Isn’t Computer Science (it’s about marketing)

17thFeb. × ’14

There are a lot of moving parts to operating an independent insurance agency and often delegating tasks to individual managers, producers and CSRs is a decision made based on available time, not necessarily skills.  When work is meted out based on skills, often that match is somewhat superficial, and this often happens when it comes to insurance agency websites (or social media for that matter).

It is tempting to hand decisions about digital marketing and, website development and use, over to agency employees because they are younger or are the designated technology support for the agency.  Printing presses, the telephone, and for that matter, pen and paper, are technology.  But we don’t abdicate our use of those tools to the young or tech centric.  We recognize that those items are just tools for communicating with clients and getting our insurance agency value proposition out to prospective clients.

The same is true of any digital marketing, websites included – they are just tools used to help market our insurance services and products to clients and others.  As such decisions about content, who we want to communicate with, which digital channels – like email, social or web – we choose to use to further our marketing initiatives – should be made by the same people who do the marketing planning and management in your insurance agency.

There is nothing wrong with engaging tech employees and younger employees in your digital marketing and website projects, in fact you absolutely should.  They just may not be the best choices to lead those projects and make important decisions related to them.



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