Google Now – Another Reason to Update Your Insurance Agency Website

27thMar. × ’14

Those of us with Android phones or tablets are probably familiar with Cards, little snippets of information that Google presents through its Google Now service.  Now and Cards were introduced with Jellybean 4.1 version of the Android OS.  Basically, Google anticipates information that it thinks you would be interested in based on a number of factors such as location history, web search history, information culled from your Gmail emails or Google Calendar, to name a few.*

Google Card Showing Insurance Agency Blog Post  The service is evolving, so what you might see in your Cards today – traffic and time to work, your next appointment, sports scores, weather – might be a little different tomorrow.

One of those changes caught our attention recently when one of Confluency’s support techs noticed a Card for an insurance agency blog post pop up.  He had visited the website during the preceding week, but the Card popped up the day the agency added a new blog post.  Anyone who knows anything about SEO has long known that regularly updated website content is a factor in Google’s Page Rank algorithm and leads to better search visibility.  For that reason, Confluency Solutions has always advocated adding regular activities to insurance agency job descriptions like adding new blog posts to insurance agency websites or updating product pages.  Now it seems like there is yet another reason for doing those updates, courtesy of Google Now and Cards.

*For a more in-depth explanation of Google Now and Cards, check out the Digital Trends blog post, How to Get the Best Out of Google Now.

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