Time to Move On

2ndAug. × ’14

You may have noticed a drop off in new posts here at InsuranceAgentWebPower.  It’s not for lack of interest or things to talk about, rather we have moved on to a different publishing platform, Google+.  To be sure, we will miss many of the advantages using a stand-alone website for the Confluency Solutions blog.  Before we made the decision to ‘blog’ on G+, we also considered moving our company blog to our own website at www.confluencysolutions.com.  But in the end, there were two reasons why we made the decision to move to G+:

  1. It’s easier to connect directly with relevant communities and followers; and
  2. Let’s face it, Google loves Google.

While readership on this blog has been good, and posts often surface in important search results, we just thought we could do better on G+.  Time will tell, and who knows?  We may be back.  Meanwhile, posts from the last six years will continue to live on here.  It’s been a good run, thanks for your readership, and thanks InsuranceAgentWebpower.com





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