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Your Insurance Agency Website Isn’t Computer Science (it’s about marketing)

Feb. × ’14

Tweet There are a lot of moving parts to operating an independent insurance agency and often delegating tasks to individual managers, producers and CSRs is a decision made based on available time, not necessarily skills.  When work is meted out based on skills, often that match is somewhat superficial, and this often happens when it […]

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Bridging Your Insurance Agency’s Brand Gap

Nov. × ’13

Tweet How many times have I asked this question:  ‘What makes your insurance agency different and better than the alternative?’  How many times did the answer come back, at least in part, something like this:  ‘ We provide superior personal service.’  I don’t know the how often the foregoing question has been asked, but it’s a […]

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Do Your Insurance Agency Customers Love You?

Dec. × ’11

Tweet As a follow on to the post on The Future of Independent Insurance Agent in Personal Lines, though this post is applicable to all lines of insurance and insurance agency customers.. I recently was contacted by one of Confluency’s client agencies who was concerned that their satisfaction ratings were lower than average.  A prospect/client […]

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The Future of Independent Insurance Agents in Personal Lines

Nov. × ’11

Tweet Your Agency and the Independent Agency Distribution System For thirty-years now, pundits have been predicting the demise of the independent agency in personal lines.  It still  hasn’t happened.  Oh sure, there have been losses in market share over the last several decades, mostly to captive agency companies, but also some to the direct marketing […]

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Ecommerce or Just Internet Communication?

Jun. × ’11

Tweet Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about ecommerce, ‘… (it) consists of the buying and selling of products or services over electronic systems such as the Internet and other computer networks’.  They say a little more of course, and concede there is often a physical deliver component, but for the most part, the classic […]

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Insurance Agencies on Facebook…What to Post?

Aug. × ’10

Tweet Businesses that have products or services to which consumers have a strong emotional attachment.  For instance, a friend of mine runs a business that markets reggae and Rastafarian themed clothing, posters, and other products.  All they have to do is post a song lyric or two to their Facebook page each day and poof! […]

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The Foundation for Growth: Four Things Every Insurance Agency Should be Doing

May. × ’10

Tweet Something Old, Something New I talk to a lot of insurance agents.  Some are happy with their sales and profit growth, most aren’t.  That’s one thing most agencies have in common.  Some have little free cash to invest in marketing programs, some have literally invested over $100,000 in what they believe to be state-of-the-art […]

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Can People Enjoy Insurance on Facebook?

Mar. × ’10

When it comes to “enjoyable,” consumers rated independent agents “poor”

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What Business is Your Insurance Agency In?

Jul. × ’09

I’m in the insurance business, not the technology business.

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The Economy, Your Insurance Agency, and Fishing

Jun. × ’09

You catch a lot more fish when the seas are roiling than when the waters are calm…but whose fish are you catching?

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