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Your Insurance Agency Website Isn’t Computer Science (it’s about marketing)

Feb. × ’14

Tweet There are a lot of moving parts to operating an independent insurance agency and often delegating tasks to individual managers, producers and CSRs is a decision made based on available time, not necessarily skills.  When work is meted out based on skills, often that match is somewhat superficial, and this often happens when it […]

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Your Agency’s Future in Personal Lines Depends on Content Marketing.

Jul. × ’13

Tweet What one skill does your insurance agency need to ensure a future in personal lines?  As the title of this posts suggests, the answer is content marketing.  You may differ with me on this point, but bear with me for a few paragraphs before rushing to judgement. Almost two years ago now, I attended […]

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Social Media? SEO? What’s an Insurance Agent to Do?

Mar. × ’13

Tweet I know very well that as an insurance agent, you get inundated by people offering to make you number one in search results, or to relieve you of the burden of social media marketing and Facebook updates…or something similar.  I know because the insurance agents we work with tell us about it.  And not […]

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Should Your Insurance Agency Advertise with the Yellow Pages?

Mar. × ’13

Tweet If the yellow pages* sales person hasn’t made her rounds to your insurance agency yet, she will.  You probably aren’t budgeting as much for yellow page advertising as you were five or ten years ago, but if you are like most insurance agents, you are likely still spending a good chunk of change each […]

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Internet Marketing – Long and Short Term Objectives

Aug. × ’11

Tweet What Kind of Internet Marketing Should Your Insurance Agency Be Doing Right Now? I’m going to vastly oversimplify the exercise of choosing internet marketing components by making these assumptions: You know your insurance agency’s target customers, your key products, and your geographic marketing area; You have decided upon which traditional marketing programs you will […]

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Will Social Media Change the Referral Dynamic for Insurance Agents?

Jul. × ’11

Tweet I recently attended a series of insurance company events during which one of the vendor presenters repeated this statistic:   85% of insurance consumers start their research with the search engines.  That sounds plausible; the problem is, it’s not true.  A 2010 study by AIS Media found that only 32% of consumers begin their […]

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How to Handle Social Media Failures

Jun. × ’11

Tweet A lot of insurance agents are reticent about establishing social media profiles, let alone engaging in social media marketing.  But as the slide show below illustrates, you can suffer a social media disaster – even though you aren’t actively participating in social media.  There is some language used in the slide show that I […]

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Ecommerce or Just Internet Communication?

Jun. × ’11

Tweet Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about ecommerce, ‘… (it) consists of the buying and selling of products or services over electronic systems such as the Internet and other computer networks’.  They say a little more of course, and concede there is often a physical deliver component, but for the most part, the classic […]

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Building and Controlling Your Insurance Agency’s ‘Web Equity’

Apr. × ’11

Tweet Putting the Role of Your Agency Information, Website, Blog, and Local Search in Perspective A picture is worth a thousand words, as the old saying goes.  In my case, a picture is worth about 10 webinars, 2 guides, 8 blog posts, 3 newsletter articles and more emails and conversations than I could possibly recount.  […]

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Social Media Marketing: Strategy First, Platform Second

Apr. × ’11

Tweet There are more than a few Facebook time lines that can be found on the web…some, highlight all the often controversial changes to Facebook’s privacy policy, others highlight the meteoric growth in popularity of the social media phenom, and several include changes to Facebook features. More recently, in February, Facebook made major changes to […]

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