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Organic search engine optimization. Discussions about maximizing search results, but also the importance of quality traffic generated by organic search.

What? SEO Isn’t for Insurance Agencies? It’s Just Part of the Mix

Apr. × ’13

Tweet Web Analytics World* added a provocative blog post a few days ago, suggesting that SEO is not a good tactic for small businesses, a category into which most insurance agencies would fit.  Why?  Because SEO today has become very complex – it has evolved way beyond just keyword density and cheap back links – […]

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Social Media? SEO? What’s an Insurance Agent to Do?

Mar. × ’13

Tweet I know very well that as an insurance agent, you get inundated by people offering to make you number one in search results, or to relieve you of the burden of social media marketing and Facebook updates…or something similar.  I know because the insurance agents we work with tell us about it.  And not […]

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Internet Marketing – Long and Short Term Objectives

Aug. × ’11

Tweet What Kind of Internet Marketing Should Your Insurance Agency Be Doing Right Now? I’m going to vastly oversimplify the exercise of choosing internet marketing components by making these assumptions: You know your insurance agency’s target customers, your key products, and your geographic marketing area; You have decided upon which traditional marketing programs you will […]

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Building and Controlling Your Insurance Agency’s ‘Web Equity’

Apr. × ’11

Tweet Putting the Role of Your Agency Information, Website, Blog, and Local Search in Perspective A picture is worth a thousand words, as the old saying goes.  In my case, a picture is worth about 10 webinars, 2 guides, 8 blog posts, 3 newsletter articles and more emails and conversations than I could possibly recount.  […]

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Top Three SEO Practices for 2011

Apr. × ’11

Tweet I don’t like to use this blog space as a commercial for Confluency Solutions, but I couldn’t help it this time.  In a  recent video blog post Google’s Matt Cutts answers the question:  what are the three things you would do to optimize SEO for 2011. Number 1: Optimize for speed; it is a […]

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Mobsters and Spammers

Jan. × ’11

Tweet A couple of days ago, Attorney General Eric Holder announced the arrest of 125 crime family figures in what the FBI is calling the largest mob round up in history.  Every now and then, a major news story reminds us that often, law enforcement is working quietly for long periods of time, building up […]

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Google Gets Serious About Reviews

Dec. × ’10

Tweet Local Search:  Reviews are More Important than Ever for Your Insurance Agency Let me just start by beating that dead horse for a minute or two (children in the room, please cover your ears…).  Local search *has been*, *is*, and *continues to be* an important vehicle for most insurance agents who want to be […]

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No Free Lunch or SEO

Sep. × ’10

Tweet It seems like I’m on some kind of SEO Truth-Quest lately…last month I posted an article pointing out that CMS (content management system) is not equivalent to SEO.  I was driven to do that by claims I was hearing in the competitive space for insurance web marketing  that essentially amounted to this:  We give […]

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Will Google Instant Change the Complexion of Search?

Sep. × ’10

Google Instant could change the complexion of search making long tail search more prominent and increasing the need for even more specific web content.

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What Does CMS have to do with SEO?

Aug. × ’10

Tweet I see an increasing number of companies specializing in websites for insurance agents that claim to provide search engine optimization (SEO) with their service.  But almost none of them are really are.  More website providers, maybe most at this point, include what is called a content management system (CMS).  CMS allow regular business users, […]

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