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Time to Move On

Aug. × ’14

Tweet You may have noticed a drop off in new posts here at InsuranceAgentWebPower.  It’s not for lack of interest or things to talk about, rather we have moved on to a different publishing platform, Google+.  To be sure, we will miss many of the advantages using a stand-alone website for the Confluency Solutions blog. […]

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Your Agency’s Future in Personal Lines Depends on Content Marketing.

Jul. × ’13

Tweet What one skill does your insurance agency need to ensure a future in personal lines?  As the title of this posts suggests, the answer is content marketing.  You may differ with me on this point, but bear with me for a few paragraphs before rushing to judgement. Almost two years ago now, I attended […]

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What? SEO Isn’t for Insurance Agencies? It’s Just Part of the Mix

Apr. × ’13

Tweet Web Analytics World* added a provocative blog post a few days ago, suggesting that SEO is not a good tactic for small businesses, a category into which most insurance agencies would fit.  Why?  Because SEO today has become very complex – it has evolved way beyond just keyword density and cheap back links – […]

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Growth Expectations and Lead Generation, Part I: Referrals

Mar. × ’12

Tweet Over the next few posts, I’m going to sketch an approach to sales planning for insurance agents.  We would all like to see our agency revenues increase by 5%, 10% or more a year, but without plan that allows you to manage lead sources, and manage leads once they have been captured, it just […]

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Does Your Insurance Agency Have Any Friends?

Nov. × ’11

Tweet The short answer is yes, of course your insurance agency has friends.  And now, there is a way to count your friends through the number of likes your agency gets on Facebook or the number of Twitter followers you may have.  Confluency Solutions tracks about 6,000 insurance agency Facebook pages and the average number […]

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Internet Marketing – Long and Short Term Objectives

Aug. × ’11

Tweet What Kind of Internet Marketing Should Your Insurance Agency Be Doing Right Now? I’m going to vastly oversimplify the exercise of choosing internet marketing components by making these assumptions: You know your insurance agency’s target customers, your key products, and your geographic marketing area; You have decided upon which traditional marketing programs you will […]

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How to Handle Social Media Failures

Jun. × ’11

Tweet A lot of insurance agents are reticent about establishing social media profiles, let alone engaging in social media marketing.  But as the slide show below illustrates, you can suffer a social media disaster – even though you aren’t actively participating in social media.  There is some language used in the slide show that I […]

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Cost of Social Media: Hiring a Social Media Manager for Your Insurance Agency

Mar. × ’11

Tweet Are you thinking about hiring a full time blogger and social media marketer?  According to Socialcast, the median salary for a Social Media Manager is $45,501.  Toss another 20% on top of that for benefits and other head count related costs and the cost of a full time social media manager could be over […]

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Insurance Agency Website and Social Media ROI

Mar. × ’11

Tweet Insurance agents, and businesses in general, sometimes have a hard time getting their heads around ROI (return on investment).  Confluency Solutions measures what I would call direct website ROI:  calls, and online requests for insurance quotes; conversions to policies and average commission.  And the ROI numbers are good.  Annual reviews identify areas where insurance […]

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Mobsters and Spammers

Jan. × ’11

Tweet A couple of days ago, Attorney General Eric Holder announced the arrest of 125 crime family figures in what the FBI is calling the largest mob round up in history.  Every now and then, a major news story reminds us that often, law enforcement is working quietly for long periods of time, building up […]

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