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Bridging Your Insurance Agency’s Brand Gap

Nov. × ’13

Tweet How many times have I asked this question:  ‘What makes your insurance agency different and better than the alternative?’  How many times did the answer come back, at least in part, something like this:  ‘ We provide superior personal service.’  I don’t know the how often the foregoing question has been asked, but it’s a […]

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Is There a Featuritis Free Solution Set for Independent Insurance Agents?

Jan. × ’10

Tweet What is it that makes Apple’s iPhone, iMac, iTunes, and other products so wildly successful and easy to use.  One suggestion, quoted in a recent NY Times article, is that they are ‘disease’ free; that is, none of these devices is afflicted with ‘featuritis’. “A defining quality of Apple has been design restraint,” says […]

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Hate Customer Controlled Reviews? Maybe it’s Time to Get Over It

May. × ’09

Tweet A lot of insurnce agencies I talk to are uneasy about customer reviews that might show up on the public web. The fact is, most business owners are nervous about losing control over customer commentary, but I tend to talk mostly to insurance agents. The local search components of all the major search engines […]

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Should I Include Staff Bios on My Insurance Agency Website?

Feb. × ’09

Tweet In general, I think the most effective bios are the ones that support your agency ‘brand’ and unique value proposition (the things that make you demonstrably different and better than competitors). Suppose for a moment that your brand and UVP include these general attributes: Professionalism Service Personal Relationships A lot of agencies throw around […]

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Are Your Agency Employees Blogging? Should you care?

Jan. × ’09

Tweet Your employees might just be inadvertently representing your agency while bouncing around on any of several social networks (LinkedIn, MySpace, etc.). Does your insurance agency need a policy regarding blogging, ‘Facebooking’ or Tweeting on Twitter? The New York Times seems to think they need one, and here it is: Don’t specify your political views. […]

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Your Insurance Agency’s “Community” Reputation

Jan. × ’09

Tweet I have long encouraged agents to take control of their online reputation. Monitoring feedback left by others at various online rating and search services is a must. Encouraging positive feedback is even better. I recently concluded a purchase on eBay (where buyers and sellers are sometimes referred to as the ‘EBay community) and received […]

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Video on Your Insurance Agency Website, Part III

Aug. × ’08

Tweet Professional or Amateur? There’s a lot that can be done with video, and having video production capabilities in the family (the kid with the Mac)gives you options. Clearly there is a place for professionally done video production, as well as a place for (reasonably professional), low/no cost, self-made videos (the 50-something with the digital […]

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