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Your Insurance Agency Website Isn’t Computer Science (it’s about marketing)

Feb. × ’14

Tweet There are a lot of moving parts to operating an independent insurance agency and often delegating tasks to individual managers, producers and CSRs is a decision made based on available time, not necessarily skills.  When work is meted out based on skills, often that match is somewhat superficial, and this often happens when it […]

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The Foundation for Growth: Four Things Every Insurance Agency Should be Doing

May. × ’10

Tweet Something Old, Something New I talk to a lot of insurance agents.  Some are happy with their sales and profit growth, most aren’t.  That’s one thing most agencies have in common.  Some have little free cash to invest in marketing programs, some have literally invested over $100,000 in what they believe to be state-of-the-art […]

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How Many People Can I Expect to Visit My Insurance Agency Website?

Apr. × ’10

Tweet Insurance agents, especially when shopping for a new website provider, are right to ask a few questions regarding how their investment will pay off.  The number of site visitors you can expect isn’t the only question to ask, but it’s an obvious one.  The answer however, isn’t quite as straightforward as ‘1,000 a month’ […]

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The Sales Funnel, Your Insurance Agency Website, and Page Design

Jan. × ’10

Tweet This Marketing Sherpa Chart of the Week provides an interesting context through which to view your insurance agency website analytics and lead management results.  Not all website inquiries turn into leads, but this chart suggests  that a healthy proportion could, and probably should.  If you are getting a lot of traffic but little sales […]

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Long Tail Search: Getting Past Googling Insurance

Oct. × ’09

(There) is an opportunity to capitalize on keyword phrases that will be searched, but that are often missed by the keyword research tools used by big budget on line marketing departments.

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Search Optimizing Your Insurance Agency Website

Mar. × ’09

Tweet The atmospheric noise about website search engine optimization and search ranking has increased significantly in the last year or so.  Insurance agencies are just as caught up in the chatter as other businesses.  Search optimization (SEO) and rank are complex topics, with signficant business implicaitons, so much so that our company, Confluency Solutions, has […]

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